How to Increase Event Attendance with Digital Marketing

How to increase event attendance with digital marketing

We at EventKloud believe that in order to remain ahead of the curve it’s important to amplify the use of digital marketing in driving and boosting event attendance. Digital marketing is equally if not more important than traditional event marketing for increasing event attendance.

Did you know that in a 2015 survey marketers reported that 60% of their time is devoted to digital marketing activities?(Smart Insights and Ecommerce Expo)

However for some event marketers,it’s harder to know where to start! It’s difficult enough managing the proliferation of marketing channels, and it’s much harder to reach your entire audience across all of them, especially with a small team. As a result of these short comings your events don’t live up their full potential.

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Start 2016 With Our New Pilot Program!

pilot program

What Is It?

EventKloud is releasing a HUGE product update, and we’re kicking it off with a Pilot Program to let event marketers try it out, see the new features and experience the power of using Big Data to power your event marketing, at a fraction of the cost.

Why Apply?

Do you feel like your organization sitting on a lot of data, but you don’t know how to use it? Do you want to simplify your event marketing process, and spend your time doing more of what works? Are you interested in putting actionable data to work for you, and using it to make your life easier? Then consider applying to EventKloud’s Pilot Program, where you’ll experience how using big data analytics can transform your marketing and help you achieve your goals.

Who Should Apply?

Ideal candidates for the Pilot Program are forward leaning event companies who understand the power that their marketing data has, and want to see the potential of harnessing data to 1) Get more of the “right people in the room” at your events, and 2) Get more “butts in seats” at your events. If you are a mid-size to large event company, with more than a handful of events per year, you should APPLY HERE.

When Is It Happening? How Much Does It Cost?

minimizing no shows

EventKloud is accepting 5 pilot customers per quarter in 2016 (Q1 still has 1 slot available — sign up for your EventKloud Pilot HERE). The pilot program is a 3-5 event trial and includes training, integration, and customer success. The cost of the pilot is $3,995 (over 66% discount!) depending on audience size.

How Does It Work?

Sign up for the Pilot Program HERE and EventKloud will contact you about joining the trial program!

Happy Holidays! And we look forward to helping you discover the science of event attendance in 2016!

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RECAP: Event Marketing Trends of 2015

Recap- Event Marketing Trends of 2015

2015 is quickly coming to an end and so it’s that time of year when event marketers are shaping up their events and marketing strategies for 2016. But before we go there lets have a recap of what trends and tools made a big impact in 2015. This year we saw event marketing continue to change and evolve, we dealt with big themes like Big Data, Cross-Channel Marketing & Customer Experience, and Predictive Analytics. There’s no doubt that some of these themes and trends will continue on into 2016, so it’s important we take the lessons learned from the past 12 months and bring them into the new year.

Let’s take a look at some the bigger trends of event marketing in 2015.

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Discover The Science of Event Attendance

the science behind event attendanceAre you looking for insight into how effective your event marketing is and how to improve it? Or are you looking to better understand your audience and improve your event marketing workflow? EventKloud implements a comprehensive marketing strategy combining both smart marketing and event intelligence helping you market your events effectively.

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The Power of Event Marketing Automation

The power of event marketing automation

The field of Marketing Automation is growing at an unbelievable rate. The internet world is full of reasons of how and why Marketing Automation is changing the world. But what about Event Marketing Automation? Where is all the fuss about Event Marketing Automation? And what is the power behind it?

Event Marketing Automation, is marketing automation that specifically helps event marketers make their jobs easier. This can be by targeting campaigns to audience members, or through the automatic set up and management of emails, social blasts, and ads based on audience actions and behaviors. The bottom line is that measuring & tracking the activities of these individuals helps us send the right message at the right time — but sending thousands of messages at the right time is a herculean task for a marketing manager, so why not let Event Marketing Automation software take most of the load?

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How Do I Minimize No-Shows At My Events?

How Do I Minimize No-Shows At My Event?
No-shows. If you’re in the event marketing space, then you’ve dealt with them. No-shows are a major problem/annoyance for event organizers. No-Shows are one of the more frustrating issues to deal with — in a survey of event organizers polled in 2013, 81% said that No-Shows are in their top 4 concerns about a show, and for good reason.

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How to Personalize Your Event Marketing (without killing yourself)

How to personalize your event marketing

The power of personalization is huge. Many are calling personalization the next big revolution to hit the marketing world. Why? Because we now have so much data we can REALLY customize the experience for each visitor and attendee uniquely….without killing ourselves to make it happen. The question is: How do you personalize your marketing? What steps do you take? What tools do you use? Keep reading to find out!

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Audience Scoring for Events

Audience Scoring for Events

What is Audience Scoring?

Audience Scoring is a lead scoring system engineered specifically for event marketing, allowing marketers to sort potential attendees by high priority, high value, and highly likely to convert — saving time and energy, and providing an opportunity to engage the most important leads personally.

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Is Email Open Rate a Good Event Marketing Metric?

Open Email Rate

We should all be familiar with the importance of email marketing. After all, email is still the easiest way to reach customers, the most effective way to keep customers informed, & most importantly it is the most inexpensive form of marketing. Earlier this year, a survey of global marketers reported that email was the top channel by ROI, ahead of SEO & Content Marketing. But if you’ve done your email research then you already knew all this and realize how important your email strategy is along with your click through rate, number of conversions and, of course, THE OPEN RATE.

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Festival Marketing Should Be Impossible

Festival Marketing

“I need you to be able to come on this specific date, at this specific time, and you are going to have to wear this. And it is only going to last 4 hours. And you have to pay $50 to get here and park a mile away. And you have to pay for food and beer. And it’s going to be super crowded, and hot, and sticky. And you wont be able to use a bathroom. And there is nowhere to sit. And it will be super loud. And you will have terrible cell phone reception. And you wont be able to find your friends.”

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